MediaManager, week 3

It seems this week I had fewer time than last week to work on the project, due to University, personal business and the talk I gave.

Anyway, I managed to complete almost all the tasks I set for this week, finishing a first implementation of the filtering API. The only thing I did not have time to fully write are proper tests for it, so do not expect it to work and shine yet :)

As always, you can grab a copy of the project from my git repository on I am making a tag each week, and tagged versions should be guaranteed to compile and run the included tests.

== Work forĀ  the next week ==

– Finish coding the tests and iron out some more the filtering API.

– Take some time to think about how object ownership works in the whole code I wrote and fix some leaks (if any).

– Implement a DBus interface.

– (optional) Try to think about a signal-enabled implementation of the HitCollection.