GXml 0.16.0 Released

GXml is a library for XML access and GObject serialization to XML, with a W3C DOM4 API implementation.

Many bug fixes for XML access, serialization improvements and initial CSS selectors through DOM4 API,

GXml provides a powerful serialization frameworks, with different implementations, to provide flexible, fast and reduced foot print applications. Use GXml to access your XML documents using a GObject API, and thanks to Vala, your libraries can be used from C, Python, JavaScript and any other language with support for GObject Introspection.

Thanks to GXml’s Object Model (Gom) implementation, your GObject classes are XML nodes, with support for child nodes and dynamic properties and name spaces, with a great flexibility to read XML files in a format-free form, so your classes will be able to access past and future versions of XML files.

GXml is the motor for different projects, including SVG and Station Configuration Language,  allowing fast GObject API implementation based on specifications, like the one forW3C’s SVG 1.1, and XSD definitions.

This release arrives with a record of all bugs reports fixed. While may this is not good, because more users means more applications and more bugs, so having this number, should be considered just the beginning of a new cycle.

Next development cycle will be focused on API/ABI stability, add more CSS selectors implementations and improved performance for large set of XML nodes.

Many thanks for all contributors, bug reporters and translators.

Author: despinosa

Linux and GNOME user, full time, since 2001. Actual maintainer of GXml and contributor to other projects mainly on GObject Introspection support.

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