GDA and GObject Introspection: Remember 1

This is just to help remember:

If you have used G_DECLARE_* macros in a C class header in order to modernize your old C code to resent GLib class definition methods; you are using GObject Introspection to parse it and generate GIR files; and you get this error:

"Fatal: Gda: Namespace conflict for 'your_type_get_type'"

Then remove your “*_get_type()” method definition from your header file.

Above have been the result to modernize GDA to recent practices and could be helpful for any one else.

Author: despinosa

Linux and GNOME user, full time, since 2001. Actual maintainer of GXml and contributor to other projects mainly on GObject Introspection support.

4 thoughts on “GDA and GObject Introspection: Remember 1”

  1. >modernize GDA to resent practices

    “recent”, otherwise the sentence takes a whole new meaning 🙂

    v. resent 1. to feel angry because you have been forced to accept something

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