New Hardware

Finally I bought new hardware for my computer. It was painful using gnome+gdb with 128MiB, and also my small hard disk wasn’t able to manage with the full gnome cvs. So I got 512MiB DIMM, a 120GiB HD and a DVD-ROM. The big problem is that my ancient motherboard thinks the DIMM is only 128MiB so I’m running now with 256MiB that’s a big jump for me. In the other hand, I spend too much money, and don’t know how I’m going to live until the end of the month. That’s sucks

GNOME: Finally libgnomeui uses the new GtkFileChooser, which is “good” ™. Funny flamewar after the GNOME “testicles” 2.5.3 release. Beside that, GNOME 2.6 will rock, that’s what really matters.

I tried to watch Pi with some friends at home, but the OV version without subtitles didn’t like them, so we move to Le Cite des enfants perdus, but they didn’t like it, so we move to some anime for the rest of the day.

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