My music

Finally I got back most of my CD colletion I left in Spain when I moved to Lisbon. When I came back to Spain, my friend with most of my CDs moved to Urugay. Yesterday he arrived to Spain, we went out all night, went a 8am to take breakfast, and then I got my CDs. Spend almost all day listening to my “lost” CDs

I did a bug-buddy release for GNOME 2.5.4 , the “No name release”. Mostly bug fixes, because the HTTP POST code has to be delayed for next development cycle. The final decission about including libsoup in the release was too late for getting this code in. I think we should try to make new-modules deccision early in the release cycle.

Movies: No movies at all during the weekend. Only watched a chapter of Twin Peaks, the best TV serie.

University: Tomorrow I begin 2nd part of course. New subjects, so I’ll do my best trying to go clasess.

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