Malaga OSWC

Spent 3 days at Malaga, for the Open Source World Conference. Met there with lot of spanish hackers: Alvaros (3), Carlos (3), Jordies (2), Alejandro, Arturo, Lorenzo, Jaime, Ismael… Lot of coffees and talks with Miguel. Spanish companies and Goverment is going open source… cool. I improvised a gnome-hispano BOF, with some interesting stuff (“the book”, GUADEC Hispana, …)

Nigth life: I went out on Tuesday at Granada. Always amazing how many people is out Tuesday late night there. Wednesday, at Malaga a quite night (I was really tired), but Thursday was really cool. We finished congress’ dinner at 2am, and I met a friend from Malaga to take a tour at Malaga night. Still impresed how many drugs can take young people in so little time. Back to Granada on Friday, and it was one of our classical nights, at Fondo and Zoo.

Movies: Saw Piedras, an amazing Spanish film, and a classic movie from Almodovar: Atame. This week I need to see two films before Oscars: Lost in Translation and…

Hacking: As I don’t have laptop, I didn’t hack anything until I came back to Madrid, but managed to do a release of bug-buddy, some patched fixing old .mime files and trying to launch GNOME love day

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