Sick, Music, Discos and Oscars (no rock’n’roll)

Last Friday I got really sick. I missed a birthday party and a bigger party on Saturday. I spent all the time in bed reading and watching movies and series: Good bye Lenin (funny!), Master and Commander (so boring that I don’t want to put the imdb link), and Te doy mis ojos (winner of Spanish’s Oscars and a really hard and good movie), more Twin Peaks and Gravitation chapters.

As Sunday morning I was better, and it was the first Sunday I was awake at 9am, I went to the Orquesta Nacional concert, with left hand Ravel’s concert and Stravinski’s Firebird. Every time I’ve gone to those concerts on Friday or Saturday I’ve got free tickets, just waiting in the door, with my face of “pseudo-intelectual-and-progresist-poor-student”. But this time 15 mins before I didn’t have any ticket, so I went to the queue to buy one. At 11:30, the concent began and I had still 20 people before me, and they closed the box office, with ramaining tickets for sale!!! (I could entered 15 mins later, after the first little work). Since I missed Wagner’s Gotterdammerung at Teatro Real because I was in Malaga, I’m feeling sad about music.

Night: As Sunday I was better I went with some friends to the oppening of “Palacio” old/new disco for Sunday early hours. We got free drinks that I coudn’t drink, because of antibiotics. We had also free entrance for Kapital Love (coolest Sunday place after 1am), but we were so tired that we came back home at 12.

Oscars: There was a complot against me. I’ve seen the Oscars ceremony in the last 12 years, but in my new flat I don’t have pay TV. I tried to get Digital+ for one day in lot of different ways, but no one worked, so my last solution was watch them in, but as my cousin was sleeping in my room (because a friend of us was sleeping at him’s with her boyfriend). So not Oscar at all. Better, because 11 for TLOTR: TROTK is insane. It’s not a movie, it’s a third of a movie, and best screenplay and director…. bua…

GNOME: Today I sent the announce for GNOME love day!!!

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