GNOME love

The GNOME love day was really great. Lot of hackers helping and lot of people learning how to hack on GNOME. 4 or 5 patches new people in #gnome-love did were included in CVS. Things seems good!

Movies: I forget to metion in my last entry Karate a muerte en Torremolinos a serie Z film I watched last weekend… so goooood. These days I’m doing a Pedro Almodovar restrospective, and I’ve seen La ley del deseo and Que he hecho yo para merecer esto, two of his films from the 80’s. Really good. They are not as technically perfect as the latest ones, but they already show Almodovar’s metaphors and his wonderful narrating language.

Nigth: Wednesday night going out to dinner with some friends to a chic restaurant. Awesome (little) food and lot of wine. Then we went to Chicote (the older cocktail place in Madrid, but now, the most chic and trendy). When you are there at 2 am with Sara Montiel you need to ask yourself lot of things. Then, Le Ki and the classical Why Not?

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