Parties, love and music

Finally fixed an ugly bug on gconf-editor, and as I was so proud and I knew than andersca is a really busy man, I did a release :)

Night: Friday went to dinner with some friends, and then went to the fabulous house club “Ohm”, but after one hour, the girls asked for bad music, so we went to Polana. Bad

At Saturday I hosted the birthday party of a friend. It was really funny, with rum from Cuba. After it, went to Penta, a spanish music pub.

And Sunday… more partying. First, beer in La Latina, then went to Palacio, and finally to Kapital Love: Egyptian party, one of the most awesome parties I’ve ever been.

At Monday I got a call for a friend asking for places to go out, he invited me, and gently, I declined the invitation.

I’m really stupid. A friend of mine gave me two tickets for the opera at Teatro Real:Wagner’s GOTTERDAMMERUNG. When I was there, I realized that the tickets were for next Friday.

As I didn’t go to the opera, I went to buy CDs. I got a really good recording of Bartok’s orchestral works, by Adam Fisher in 5 cheap CDs.

Watched again La virgen de los sicarios, a South American film: hyperviolent magic realism and homosexuality. And finally watched Lost in translation, so wonderful, so sweet, so kind, so funny, so elegant and so slow. Near perfection again.

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