Spain Elections

Sunday night we improvised a watch-the-elections-results-party at home. 15
friends watching TV, listening to the radio and reading internet web pages.
With the time and results we also drink a lot of wine and lemon icecream with
vodka (a really good idea from Lu.

Blame esd: We were watching the TV in the hall, and also
listening there to the radio. I got Cadena
emissions via internet, and I’m using a long RCA wire to carry the
sound from my computer to the ROTEL amplifier in the hall. As we want to know
exactly when the result were changing, and the most quick method was Internet,
I did a little script to play a sound in the hall when the results webpage had

while true; do sleep 15 ;mv res.html res.old; wget -O res.html ; diff -u res.old res.html; if [ $? != 0 ]; then esdplay ~/cuac.wav; fi;done

But esd mixing between mplayer and esdplay was not working!

With the final results we went to Ferraz street (PSOE main office). After that, only my cousing and me were to party. We went to Bar Cock, a fashion cocktail club where we met Juan Echanove. At 3am we went to Why Not?. I drank vodka as mariano does, because I don’t like to mix drinks and I drank vodka with the ice cream. Wow woked up at 5pm of Monday, so it was a really long night.

This is the picture of our banner in the demostration last Friday, published
bu the 2nd Spanish newspaper:

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