Finally, update

I havn’t updated my blog in a long time. First because of the incident with and then because of my lazyness.

Movies: I cannot remember what movies I’ve watched in the last month, but today I watched Valentin, a film that mariano recommended me some weeks ago. Really beautiful.

Music: Some interesting concert, Vitorial Mulova with Il Giardino Armonico playing Vivalvi concerts, and two Rossini operas: Semiramide (very long and a bit boring) and Il Viaggio a Riems (one of the funniest productions I’ve ever seen, and with really good Spanish singers!). I also bought Bartok complete orchestral works and Maria Callas’ first Tosca recording and I Puritani.

GNOME: I took over gconf-editor maintainership. I Fixed some nasty bugs for 2.6.1, and lot of ideas for 2.7.x (and some patches already!).

In the bug-buddy side, I commited some patches from Simon Frankau cleaning the code, and now I’m working on XML-RPC bug submiting. For the client code, I’m working over mariano code for libsoup, cool stuff. For the bugzilla side, I need to hack redhat bugzilla code.

I also need to work preparing a big workshop for GUADEC Hispana, with acs

Life: Again lot of partys: for my birthday (I was 25 and now I’m 24), of some friends (tonigh a Star Wars party @home). I went to Granada for Easter and lot of important and cool things for my life there.

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