New hardware

Finally I’ve upgraded the last items remaing of my original computer bought in 1998: processor and motherboard. I’ve switched from a PII 400Mhz to a AMD 1200 Mhz, that is really fast for me. Now I can do gdb and make without too much pain. Thanks to Luisdl for the hardware donation. I also upgraded to Fedora Core 2.

After lot of hours doing real work (I mean, the work I’m supposed to be payed for), I went out at 1:30 am. Some beers with friends at fancy clubs. I have my first final exam in one week, and I’m preparing my two next thematic parties at home in the next two weeks: Russian party and not-yet-themed-party.

In the GNOME side, we are having lot of interesting stuff recenly: industrial theme, mobility, gnome-keyring integration, galago presence (and the sento: feature!), gnome-system-tools, evolution 2.0….dudes… you rock!

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