Gaim and Amsterdam

Finally gaim got MSN file transfers and buddy icons so I can use for my IM. I realized that it uses the old GtkFileSelection, so I ported it to GtkFileChooser. A bit of pain, because you have to maitain compatibility code with Gtk 2.0, 2.2 and 2.4, do the code is full ol #if blah…. I don’t know why people want to maintain this kind of compatibility, because Gtk 2.X series are full backwards compatible, so if a user of gtk 2.0 (for example redhat 7.3) want the new gaim, he would need to update it from source or from a 3rd party binary package, so gaim could kindly ask also to update its gtk+ (source or binary).

This evening I found an example of how two great singers can do it really bad. I really love the original Jaques Brel’s Amsterdam song. I also love the English version David Bowie did in 1969 and recorded during the Ziggy Stardust sessions, and appeared two years later as B-side of ‘Sorrow’. Two years ago, my also beloved Ute Lemper did a new version of this song, mixing English and French versions, really impressive. So this eveing I got a rare live recording of Bowie and Lemper singing it togheter, please, listen to it

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