GUADEC, Granada and opera

Really cool GUADEC in Kristiansand. Some interesting “official” talks and lot of informal ones. Beer was really expensive, but salmon and catfish was cheaper than in Spain. I took the return plane at 6:30 am that is painful.

Granada: 24 hours after GUADEC went to Granada for the weekend. We arrived just in time to go to a Festival de musica y Danza concert. I enjoied a lot Ravel’s piano concert. As always, lot of fun at night. Historial drag show by Raul at Fondo Reservado:

… que parezco Shrek

– Eso es por el vestido verde!

– No bonita, eso es por las orejas y por el culo. Ademas yo ya tengo dos peliculas, y otros se pasan la vida entera comiendo pollas y no tienen ni un miserable corto porno. Lo maximo a que llegan es a grabarse 10 segundos con el movil y con eso tienen para un mes….

Teatro Real Opera seasson: When we arrived from Granada we went directly to Teatro Real queue for opera seasson tickets. We stayed there disccontinuosly from Sunday night until Tuesday morning. Kind of fun Monday madrugate, playing Trivial Pursuit, Tute, singing and eating cholocale. Finally we bought tickets for 6 people, moved from premiere to “f” turn and got better seats. This year Juan Diego Florez is going to sing Il Barbieri. Iker, Luis, Mario, Isaac and so…. expect some great opera and pub nights

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