Productive day

I waked up at 16:00 (I really needed to sleep after the weekend and Opera
tickets story). However it has been a really productive day. In the GNOME side
I did a bunch of stuff:

* gnome-keyring: I implemented the ACL API needed by gnome-keyring-manager. I need mariano review before sending it to Alex.

* bugzilla: I fixed the bug-buddy import that was not working after the boxes update. Now I’m importing 1500 queued bugs. Thanks to jrb for fighting with the sudo magic.

* gconf-editor: Finally implemented search. I follow clarkbw UI idea. Really nice to have a widget like gedit-output-window, kudos to Paolo for it!. It’s intereting to see how little time/effort took it to me. It was one of my first GNOME coding try and I remember it took me one full night and didn’t work very well. Here is a screenshot:

Now it only needs some more love to select the right key in the right panel.

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