Applications instead of commands

I wrote a patch (already in eel CVS HEAD) for the add application for mime type dialog. Now you can select it from a list of know applications instead of writing an obscure command:

Also wrote a patch for prettify the select app page, showing icons from the apps:

Two tips for gnome-lovers:

  • Fix the the first code (eel/eel-open-with-dialog.c) to load correctly every icon using the code in the second patch.
  • Fix the obvious bug in the second patch :)

More work helping users to use “Application” concept instead of “command” concept:

with this work in progress patch for gnome-volume-manager it presents a ComboBox with the know applications that can handle CDs. For knowing that I’m adding a new gnome-cd-play.desktop that handles mime type: “audio/x-cd-cdda”, has the NoDisplay=true, and the Exec is “gnome-cd –device=%d”. Now we need to discuss some open points:

  • What’s the right UI for this?. I don’t like the combo with an “Custom” entry
  • Should we use special mime types for devices? Should we propose to
  • Totem and camera programs should support a “–device=/dev/XXX” or HAL UDI stuff

Update:I’ve received some feedback. This mockup from Stefan Ihringer:

and these two threads about these special mime types (From Kristof Vansant):

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