Muine Plugins

The new and fancy Muine plugin system plus the C# and Gtk# combination allow you to do things like this in 100 lines of code:

a plugin to show the lyrics of the song you are listening. I’m using they have lot of Spanish lyrics.Here is the code: Lyrics.cs. To compile, use the following command:

mcs -target:library -out:Lyrics.dll Lyrics.cs -pkg:muine-plugin

and copy the .dll to you plugin dir. Some improvements that can be done:

  • Better UI: now it’s only a window+scrollview+textview
  • Use a local cache for lyrics
  • Instead of retrieving from the server the first match, if there are more than one, allow the user to select it

I also updated my burn patch for Muine, making it a plugin. I’ll import it to GNOME CVS when I get rid of some weirness on it (like don’t wrapping burn-drive-selection widget, because when I wrote it, muine used Gtk# 1.0 without the combo box. Here is the pre-alpha version if you want to try it:muine-burn-0.0.0.tar.bz2.

I got a lot of possitive feedback about the default applications to handle devices. I’ll try to summarize it tomorrow.

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