Top Ten Bad things in GNOME

My friend arc posted a list of the worst things in GNOME 2.8 (in Spanish). These are my comments (in italic):

  • Non homogeneus and outdated developer docs. BIG CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS!
  • Applets consume too many system resources:
    arc       5635  0.0  2.5 16844 6416 ?        S    Dec08   0:01 /usr/libexec/clock-applet
  • Lack of integrated and official multimedia player.It will be fixed on next releases with Totem, rb and sound-juicer aditions
  • Non high quality pdf support. Dude, have you tried Evince?
  • Printer configutarion is not solid neither stable.I hadn’t have a printer anytime before, buf configuring at work the SMB ones with my FC2 “just worked” ™
  • Where is no easy way to change between users and having simultaneus sessions.Have you tried Jimbob’s User Selector Applet?. Maybe it should be included on GNOME 2.12 :)
  • Cannot manage user account. Revelation?
  • Lack of an IDE/RAD tool. 100% agree
  • Lack of “whole” theme file format.
  • File-roller needs to extract the full archive to /tmp when droping a single file
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