Muine and eina

After I released yesterday the muine lyrics plugin my friend Eru told me that today eina, the other cool GNOME music player, has just got a lyrics plugin:

It is cooler than mine, because it implents selection of right lyrics when various results are available. Damm! and better UI. So I need to update/improve the muine one :). Now, following the “one day, one feature” sentence, I proposed them a little contest: a karaoke plugin, using EvilLyrics files. I’m very tired now to code anything, and tomorrow I have a busy day (Opera with Juan Diego Florez included!), but maybe Miguel would be able to sing his favourite songs in some days (and his neighbours will hate us).

Oh, I think that eina should be included in FC4 because is a really good player and has no the mono dependency (that seems that Red Hat doesn’t want to add to Fedora)

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