EESTEC Congress

This Monday the XIX EESTEC Congress is begining. Is’s going to be a big, funny and interesting event for ever participant. It’s organized by my good friends of Eurielec, an student association which I’m still member of. I’m afraid I’ve not been able to help with the organization, but I had no time for it.

In the night scene, this week I went back to “cien por cien”, classic pub in Madrid night, playing only Spanish music. Also this week I got another email from a reader that found a web page by me about Madrid night pub and discos. This is a funny story. When I came to Madrid in 1996 I quickly discovered lot of interesting places for going out. Most of my friends in the college were very boring about going out, going every night to the same 3 or 4 boring places, so I decided to write down an article listing the best places tfor going out. We plublished that article in our paper fanzine and it became very popular, and most of my friends began to condired me as a “pub and discohuman database”. Some years later, my friend Ismael Olea was organazing an Hispalinux congress and asked me for a guide for Madrid night. After some time I realized that I had been receiving lot of emails of people asking for places or suggestions for going out, or asking for a job as DJ in a disco. I checked, and if you search “Madrid de noche” in google that article was presented as the 5th result. During the last years I’ve been receiving lot of funny, courious and interesting emails about that. The problem with it is that it is very old and outdated. One my pending projects is to set up a pretty interactive web page with all this information I know :)

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