A long time ago, my friend Ismael asked me for pubs and clubs for going out at night during a Hipalinux congress, so I updated a guide I wrote several years ago for my friends in Madrid. Ismael published this guide as Madrid de Noche. As google love open source freaks this guide became popular in google, and as my email address was on top of it I got lot of emails for people interested on Madrid night life: people just visiting Madrid, people making company parties, DJs from Argentina looking for a new job in Madrid, etc… I have touhght several times to make a cool portal/personal web page about this stuff but I have been really busy last years. Maybe now it’s time to do it. In the meantime I got an email from a pub I used to go often asking me to update the guide Ismael published to link to their web site. So here is it:
Also I’m back from my long trip to Buenos Aires, Uruguay and Lisbon.

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