Cairo, Pango and my new heroes

I have lot of new heroes.Xan is like a detective, like Sherlock Holmes. Last week he used a new fancy tool (xtrace) to figure out why the Xserver was taking more time to render glyphs coming from pangocairo than from pangoxft. Then, this morning, Behdad, one of the most popular GNOME heroes just fixed the thing. This heroes list also includes, of course, Mr. Carl Worth (conducting the whole cairo as a perfect symphonic orchestra), Daniel Amelang (improving performance for non-FPU hw) and Pachi (Improving tessalator). Click on the image below to read Xan’s blog:

Please, stop requesting jdub to add Xan’s blog to Planet GNOME. We all know that he still needs a cool hackergotchi. Ah, tigert promised one as cool as the Alex Graveley one

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