Helsinki and maemo stuff

It has been 9 months since I moved to Helsinki (con mi pequenia maleta de carton): like a pregnancy. Just listen to Tom Waits Helsinki mood song from One from heart‘s SoundTrack (am I the only one that hates the new interface?). Complain about food, complain about people not saying hello in the lift, complain about how hard is to go out when it’s -27 Celsius degrees outside, complain about taxes. Then listen to Dalida’s cover of Besame mucho, and then to Extremoduro’s Jesucristo Garcia.

At OSSO/nokia/maemo we are doing lot of cool stuff. Finally we are moving the platform to gtk 2.10. Also our Sardine development distribution is getting more and more love (from OSSO people and from the community). Finally, in the Desktop team we are prototyping new ideas/ui/features. Click on the image to watch this video I took last Friday during our Friday Coffee demos:

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