The awakening

February 21, 2008

Hi everyone,

I promised you 0.6 for march. It’s going bad for that. 0.5.4 got few feedbacks. I have bug reports by private mail or as comment on the blog which really is noisy rather than useful. Since Fall 2007, i work on websites and Linux PPC hacking. This left Gnome Scan outside the tracks.

Once the website is up and running, i need to scan tons of photos to fill old albums. So, now i need to get Gnome Scan usable to mass scaning. Today, i updated Anjuta, GtkSourceView and Gegl, checked out latest Gnome Scan translation and fixed a couple of bugs. En vrac :

  • Use 75. dpi as hardcoded preview resolution. Since most hardware can’t scan below. This is a temp solution before actually getting the least available resolution from the scanner (SANE doesn’t simplify things)
  • Handle page-orientation, origin and paper size options in the right order. This lead to much more consistency between preview and result.
  • Fixed a bug in Gegl due to new chanting API migration.
  • Manual area also define page orientation. It’s actually a free selection.
  • Show preview acquisition progress bar, again.
  • Last, but not least : add a common “enhence color” processing step you can simply disable in “Processing” tab.

Sadly, there’s a bug so that colors are actually enhanced only in the preview window ! Here is the result, no enhancement at all :

The preview image is clearly enhanced, magically. Thanks to Gegl operation “stress”, available in the workshop. I wish to publish 0.5.6 soon with updated Gegl (including workshop ops).