The awakening

February 21, 2008

Hi everyone,

I promised you 0.6 for march. It’s going bad for that. 0.5.4 got few feedbacks. I have bug reports by private mail or as comment on the blog which really is noisy rather than useful. Since Fall 2007, i work on websites and Linux PPC hacking. This left Gnome Scan outside the tracks.

Once the website is up and running, i need to scan tons of photos to fill old albums. So, now i need to get Gnome Scan usable to mass scaning. Today, i updated Anjuta, GtkSourceView and Gegl, checked out latest Gnome Scan translation and fixed a couple of bugs. En vrac :

  • Use 75. dpi as hardcoded preview resolution. Since most hardware can’t scan below. This is a temp solution before actually getting the least available resolution from the scanner (SANE doesn’t simplify things)
  • Handle page-orientation, origin and paper size options in the right order. This lead to much more consistency between preview and result.
  • Fixed a bug in Gegl due to new chanting API migration.
  • Manual area also define page orientation. It’s actually a free selection.
  • Show preview acquisition progress bar, again.
  • Last, but not least : add a common “enhence color” processing step you can simply disable in “Processing” tab.

Sadly, there’s a bug so that colors are actually enhanced only in the preview window ! Here is the result, no enhancement at all :

The preview image is clearly enhanced, magically. Thanks to Gegl operation “stress”, available in the workshop. I wish to publish 0.5.6 soon with updated Gegl (including workshop ops).


Delaying Gnome Scan 0.6

September 25, 2007

Hi everyone,

With the availability of 2.20, i took the time to consider Gnome Scan inclusion into Gnome. My main concern about that is that Gegl is unstable, both API and behaviour. I decided not to propose Gnome Scan for inclusion. I rather decided to follow Gnome timeline. This mean that 0.6 won’t land for Christmas, but rather for February/March 2008. Thus, i will implement a bit more feature than planned like options saving/restoring.

There is some good news in gnome-scan development for the past few days. I solved some bugs and reworked the processing mecanism. Now Gnome Scan build a unique Gegl pipeline an launch it. To achieve this goal, i commited a new Gegl operation : “convert-format” and fixed some other bugs in “save-buffer”. The next step is to design “processor” plugin to hook between scanner and sink.

I’m a very proud Gegl user and (tiny) contributor. This is the magic of libre software. Related project are not frozen, you can always contribute in order to these project more suitable for other projects :).

Expect some more news about Gnome Scan in the following days :)