gitg 0.3.2

We’ve just released a minor new version of gitg. This release fixes some small issues with regard to packaging (man page installation, parallel install, updated dependency versions). As always, we appreciate any issues reported back to us.

I’ve also added a PACKAGING file which contains some information which might be useful for packagers about the structure of gitg.

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  1. Greg J says:

    I’m having trouble building this on Ubuntu 13.10 from source. Ubuntu Saucy’s apt repo only has 0.2.7 so would prefer to build the latest.

    I’ve cloned the repo and checked out v0.3.2 and tried to install the dependencies it’s told me to, but still getting errors when I run “sh”

    See output at

    Any pointers as to what’s to do?

    • Jesse van den Kieboom says:

      > No package ‘gobject-introspection-1.0’ found
      install libgirepository1.0-dev

      > No package ‘libgit2-glib-1.0’ found
      There is no such package yet, install it from source

      > Requested ‘gtk+-3.0 >= 3.10.0’ but version of GTK+ is 3.8.6
      Sorry, you’ll need 3.10 minimum

      > No package ‘webkit2gtk-3.0’ found
      install libwebkit2gtk-3.0-dev

      > No package ‘json-glib-1.0’ found
      install libjson-glib-dev

  2. Jarryd lenso says:

    Jesse Hi there. As you now know that i love Gedit. But only one thing is holding me back in my website development with Gedit. I have been searching everywhere on the internet but i cannot find a way for Gedit to highlight the html closing tags example , i really need this feature it helps my development and speed of design. Can you help me do this with my favourite editor Gedit please.

  3. ian says:

    Has the right margin in the commit dialog been fixed? It doesn’t
    work while the text is not monospace.


    seems to have been closed but it shouldn’t have been. Any chance it can be re-opened?

  4. ian says:

    Oh, I beg your pardon: I coudn’t find any record of it being fixed, apart from the bug being closed, and as I say, it looked like the person who closed it had misunderstood.

    That’s excellent news, thank you :-)

  5. Gedit 3.4.2-1 on Debian 7.x (64 Bit) with your Multi-Edit Plugin.
    I want to add “LARRY” in 5 the lines attached.

    ”by part removal.” You start the process in the
    parallelogram, block 1. This is the basic prob-
    lem. Block 2 instructs you to disassemble the
    unit and reconnect the video and power inputs.
    Block 3 is a decision block. Do you have garbage

    I start at the word “start”, and want to make it sLARRYtart,
    along with the text “LARRY” directly under the first line for the 4 lines below the starting position.

    execute Multi-Edit Mode, and Edit entry points with CNTL E then
    Mouse click on next line, etc. (Also tried Down Arrow – Same result)
    ”by part removal.” You sLtARRYart the process in the
    parallelogram, block 1. LTARRYhis is the basic prob-
    lem. Block 2 instructs yLoARRYu to disassemble the
    unit and reconnect the vLiARRYdeo and power inputs.
    Block 3 is a decision blLLARRYock. Do you have garbage

    Looks as if it doesn’t work correctly yet! Maybe you can give it another try, and see what I’m doing wrong to get such an output!

    Please inform me via email when it’s functional.


    • Jesse van den Kieboom says:

      So, it’s not really the right place you know. This blog post is about gitg… Anyway, what you’re doing wrong is that you add the last edit point with Ctrl+E, while the cursor itself is also there. The edit points are in addition to the cursor itself, so now you effectively have two edit points on the last line. This messes things up. If you just not add the last edit point things work as expected.

      Note also that it’s easier to make a column selection by:
      1) Make a selection by pressing arrow down from the line you want to start until the line you want to end
      2) Press Ctrl+Shift+C to active multi edit mode
      3) Press Enter to make a column selection

      Then just type LARRY

  6. naja melan says:

    I would really like to compile gitg from source, because it’s the best linux git gui out there, but it still needs alot of work and package managers always provide a very old version… so every time I try I have the greatest difficulty getting it to compile.

    This time I’m stuck on libgit2-glib. The install instructions on the gnome website say:
    ./autogen and make.

    Yeah right, I knew it wasn’t going to be that simple. After getting all the dependencies I’m left with libgit2-glib which I downloaded from github and compiled without any problems. Now the autogen script asks for a threadsafe version of libgit2:
    “please recompile a threadsafe version of libgit2 (-DTHREADSAFE:BOOL=ON)”

    Now sure that’s no biggy if you are used to working with libgit2, but if you just compiled it through the glib wrapper, it’s not at all obvious where to put that option down in order to get libgit to compile with it…

    A few years back I also persisted in getting a version of gitg to compile and remember it was a true hurdle. I would like to ask you a favor. For every release of gitg would you please do the following:
    1. open a fresh virtual machine with a fresh install of your favorite linux distro (stable if you feel courageous)
    2. follow the installation steps of INSTALL file in the gitg repository
    3. you are to get it to compile, but are not allowed to take any steps other than specified in INSTALL unless if you add them ALL to the INSTALL instructions.
    4. when you are done, go to 1. and start over until you don’t need to add anything to the instructions to make it work.

    If only you could do that, you would guarantee that it can be compiled by anyone having at least that linux distro installed who follows the steps in the installation instructions. That would be very kind and I think it would help the gitg project because the easier it is to compile from source the faster people will be tempted to search for bugs themselves and fix them or write features and contribute code to gitg.

    Thanks for writing gitg in any case, it is my (only) hope on a decent git frontend on linux at some point in the forsee-able future.

    naja melan

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