Looking for new opportunities

I have been a bit more quiet on this blog (and in the community) lately, but for somewhat good reasons. I’ve recently finished my PhD thesis titled On the dynamics of human locomotion and the co-design of lower limb assistive devices, and am now looking for new opportunities outside of pure academics. As such, I’m looking for a new job and I thought I would post this here in case I overlook some possibilities. I’m interested mainly in working around the Neuchâtel (Switzerland) area or working remotely. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a message.


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4 Responses to Looking for new opportunities

  1. Paradoxe says:

    Ho, another swiss. _o/

    Hello and good luck. ;)

  2. ReinoutS says:

    Hi Jesse,
    And, found something already? If you’re up for moving back to NL I can recommend you to my employer. :) +1 for gitg!

    • Jesse van den Kieboom says:

      Hi Reinout,

      I’m still looking actually, but unfortunately moving back to NL is not in the cards at the moment :) Thanks for the offer though!

  3. Frédéric Parrenin says:

    It is good to see gedit being ported to OSX.
    I hope gnumeric will eventually be ported to OSX.
    It is really a good application, better than LO calc.

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