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gedit 2.28.2 released for OS X

Just a quick post to inform that gedit 2.28.2 has been release for OS X. This release includes the work to make it possible to open files with gedit from other parts of OS X (such as with finder, or … Continue reading

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New gedit plugin: multi edit

We recently landed a new gedit plugin in the gedit-plugins module named ‘multi-edit’. This plugin allows you to create multiple edit points in the document by which you can simultaneously edit your document at multiple places. I myself found the … Continue reading

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gedit OS X opening files

Finally sat down and took the time to solve the issue of opening files on OS X. Since OS X uses IPC for opening files on existing processes, some special care had to be taken to make this work. Anyway, … Continue reading

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gedit 2.28.0, OS X

Lagging a bit behind, but it is there, gedit 2.28.0 for OS X. There wasn’t much time during this cycle for fixing some of the reported bugs on OS X, I especially wanted to have the issue resolved with gedit … Continue reading

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gedit 2.26.3

Just released gedit 2.26.3. A small number of bugfixes, but worth a release nevertheless. Needless to say, there is also a dmg for OS X. No windows installer yet, but that’s sure to follow. From the NEWS: New Features and … Continue reading

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gedit OS X for realz

My first ever blog post on gnome blogs, and about time. Today I ‘finished’ my earlier porting of gedit to OS X. Although we did the initial port some time ago, it was more a proof-of-concept than actually something usable. … Continue reading

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