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Command line option parsing in go

There are a great many very cool things about go, but its builtin command line parsing package (flag) is not one of them. It lacks convenience, functionality and the generated help messages are plain ugly. Therefore I introduce: go-flags: It … Continue reading

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Video editing WTF

So once in a while, say every half a year, I have the need to do some very simple video editing. So every half a year I try various video editing software using GNOME technologies to see if any of … Continue reading

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Hiding git ignored files

Some projects that I work with tend to autogenerate a lot of files, autotools projects in particular are very good at that. Most gnome software correctly adds all the autogenerated files to .gitignore files automatically, so git nicely ignores them … Continue reading

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Avahi on fedora

I have been frustrated by avahi apparently not working properly on Fedora. Turned out I just had to disable the firewall… One more thing fedora could polish…

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Make yum faster

Pleeeaaaaase… It’s not acceptable, really… Note: This is a rant…

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gnome 3.0 for application developers

I wanted to write a little post on what it means for application developers to try to get ready for GNOME 3.0. Many people might already realize what I try to outline here, but I think it’s still good to … Continue reading

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Fun with gstreamer (controlling volume of channels independently)

Recently I wanted to use gstreamer to add some very basic audio support to an application. I just used the playbin element to play audio files and added some logic to control volume (easy enough with playbin since you can … Continue reading

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On cycling

I saw some posts on pgo recently on cycling, so I thought it would be a good occasion to do the monthly or so blog. Cycling is something very natural where I come from (which is flatland), but since it’s literally flat … Continue reading

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guitar software

Dear all, I’m looking for a nice piece of software that will assist me in my recently revitalized guitar playing activities. What I would like is really just a tool for my convenience in playing along with songs that I … Continue reading

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