Shotwell 0.8.1 Released

Yorba has released Shotwell 0.8.1, an update to our digital photo manager for GNOME. This release provides bug fixes, support for new video and RAW formats, and translation updates. Specific enhancements include:
  • Fixes a problem where Shotwell could crash unexpectedly at startup or when reading/writing metadata to files.
  • Fixes a problem where Shotwell could hang when importing voice-annotated videos.
  • Fixes a problem where Shotwell failed to import date and time information for some camera-generated MP4 videos.
  • Shotwell can now delete video files from camera memory.
  • Shotwell now supports the 3GP video format common on mobile phones and RAW files with the SRW suffix generated by Samsung cameras.
  • Numerous translation fixes and updates.
We recommend that all users upgrade.
You can download a source tarball from the Shotwell home page at:
or grab a binary for Ubuntu Maverick via Yorba’s Launchpad PPA at:

23 thoughts on “Shotwell 0.8.1 Released”

  1. nice work, is my favorite software for photos.
    i want to see this in windows.
    is amazing.
    (sorry for my English i don’t write very well)

  2. Shotwell 0.8.1 erschienen

    Die Entwickler von Shotwell haben eine neue Version herausgegeben. Diese Version bringt einige Neuerungen mit und beseitigt auch ein paar Fehler. Gelöst: Absturz beim Starten oder beim Lesen/Schreiben von Metadaten Gelöst: Shotwell hat sich beim import…

  3. Hello! thank you for this great work! The only thing lacking in shotwell is printing several photos and options like in photo printer : maybe the best would be to be able to call phot-printer as external soft for a whole selection of pictures…
    Thanks a lot for this great job anyway!

  4. @ jediadame
    Glad you like Shotwell! We did have a Windows port up until Shotwell 0.8 but we dropped it for lack of interest: no one in the community wanted to maintain it. Of course, if you’re an enthusiastic open source hacker, we’d be happy to make you the maintainer of the Windows port and help you get it back up and running!

      1. @ Jonah

        The last release of Shotwell to include support for running on Win32 platforms was Shotwell 0.7.2. If you want to start thinking about how to get the current version of Shotwell to run on Windows, I’d suggest browsing the Shotwell 0.7.2 source code and comparing it to the current Shotwell git master. By forward-porting some of the Win32 stuff in 0.7.2 to the current Shotwell, you should be able to get Shotwell to run under Windows with about a week or so of work. But many features (RAW support, web publishing, etc.) will be unavailable (these features were never implemented in the Windows port anyway). Good luck!


  5. @ Sylvain Hervé
    We’re aware that printing in Shotwell has some, ahem…gaps. 😉 That said, we do have several open tickets for printing enhancements in our bug database, for example, check out:
    We hope to implement these enhancements in one of the next few major releases of Shotwell. Of course, since this is an open source project, user-contributed patches are gladly accepted!
    Take care,

  6. 0.8.1 is a start, but your video importing simply does not work. Importing hangs indefinitely and the only recourse is to kill the app. If you can focus on getting that resolved, I believe you’d have a real nice product.

  7. @ asdasd:
    We do have an open feature request to add a sharpness slider to the Shotwell Adjust palette. See for more information. The ticket is currently prioritized as medium, which means that it likely won’t make the next release of shotwell but may well make the release after that. Of course, if you’re a graphics hacker and would like to implement the feature yourself, this is open source, so if you send us a patch we’ll gladly review and commit it!

  8. @ Ford Boswell
    Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with video importing. I don’t think we’ve seen the issue you’re describing before, so it’d be great if you could file a bug report so that we can get it resolved. See the “I found a bug in Shotwell. How can I report it?” section of the Shotwell FAQ at for more information.

  9. I upgraded to Ubuntu version 1.14.1-0ubuntu8.1 and started using Shotwell version 0.7.2-0ubuntu2. To my dismay, I now go directly to Shotwell no matter what menu item I select on my Places menu. Do I have to uninstall Shotwell to fix this problem, or is there an easier fix? I am submitting this question to ubuntu as well, hoping one or the other of you folks can help me.

  10. Hi. The program seems to function well. Quite quick and light.
    Ive looked for reasonably detailed explanation for your need to access my private information from Facebook, accounts with no joy.
    Concerning the data you would glean from any account
    to which I publish? What will be done with this data?
    If I permitted this data to be seen, would copies be kept after I request you delete my data?
    Otherwise, good job.

  11. @ Michael Michaells:
    We need all the permissions we request from Facebook because the Facebook policy model has very fine-grained permissions controls. When we spec’d out Shotwell Connect, we decided that we wanted it to do several things. First, we wanted it to be able to query the names of the user’s existing photo albums (so that they can appear in the “Publish to:” popup) — this requires the photos_get_albums permission, which is separate from the photo_upload permission. Next, we wanted Shotwell Connect to announce on the user’s wall that he/she has uploaded new photos — this is how Facebook itself works when you upload photos manually and implementing this functionality requires us to get a variety of stream publishing permissions, all of which are separate from photo_upload and from each other. Finally, we wanted Shotwell Connect to actually be able to push the photos up to the Facebook servers — this is what requires the photo_upload permission. So as you can see, publishing photos in Shotwell isn’t just a matter of pushing the photos onto Facebook’s servers (i.e., the photo_upload permission). It’s a matter of getting the names of existing photo albums, possibly creating new photo albums, and announcing the upload on the user’s wall, etc. To implement all of this functionality, we need a wider range of permissions than just photo_upload.
    As a user, you can revoke all the permissions you grant us at any time. You do this by choosing “Privacy Settings” from the “Accounts” drop-down menu that appears in the upper-right-hand corner of the Facebook welcome page. The Facebook privacy settings panel will open. Next, click the “Edit your settings” link that appears just underneath the “Apps and Websites” badge in the bottom-left-hand corner of the panel. The “Apps, Games and Websites” panel will then open, allowing you to revoke any permissions you’ve granted to Shotwell Connect (or to any other Facebook application).

  12. I’ve not tried my hands on Shotwell yet and the app seems to be promising.Is there a privilege of compressing or resizing the images while uploading the images to online directories like picassa???

  13. Give us a 0.9 build in the repo please! I’ve been waiting for ages for the too-bright-raw-image fix 🙁 otherwise it’s a pretty nice program though

  14. @ Syed:
    In the case of Picasa, Shotwell supports uploading images in the three standard Picasa sizes (Small, 640×480, for web and blog use), (Medium, 1024×768), (Large, 1600×1200, large enough for basic printing) as well as uploading the full-sized original. You can select which size you want by choosing it from the “Photo Size Preset:” popup menu in the Picasa publishing options pane.

  15. I still cannot find the way to install Shotwell 0.8.0 as each time I click on it, you will show me Shotwell 0.9 version. I am getting very frustrated. Can you please help me ???

  16. @ Phoon:
    If you’d like to get a Shotwell 0.8.0 tarball, you can find one here: A better question, however, is this: why do you want Shotwell 0.8.0? If you’d like to stay in the 0.8.x family, you should use Shotwell 0.8.1, which corrects several bugs present in Shotwell 0.8.0. But there’s really no reason not to move to Shotwell 0.9.x. Everywhere Shotwell 0.8.x will run, Shotwell 0.9.x should run too.

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