3 thoughts on “Bruno Girin on D-Bus and Vala”

  1. Are there active forums on shotwell? I have
    some comments … constructive … when Shotwell
    imports photos, it would be great to start with the
    newest and provide a cancel button … so I don’t have to keep importing 200 previews before I import the last 3 pictures I’ve taken. Cheers, and otherwise an excellent piece of software.

  2. Comparing the blog entry (which is about bus-based D-Bus) to GDBusServer (which is about peer to peer D-Bus and few applications use) is not useful, it’s like comparing apple and oranges – if you wanted a real comparison then this one is much better. Of course, it’s an easy error to make since a lot of people (including the blog entry) use the term “Server” when they probably should have used the term “Service” instead. Oh well.

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