Shotwell 0.10.1 Released

Yorba has released version 0.10.1 of Shotwell, an update to our digital photo organizer. This is a bug fix release; we recommend all users update.


  • Fixes “Hide Photos Already Imported”
  • Multiple editing bugs fixed
  • Resolves crash when two or more cameras have the same name
  • Documentation now includes saved searches
  • Piwigo bugs fixed
  • Translation updates

Download a source tarball from the Shotwell home page at:

Binaries for Ubuntu Natty and Maverick are available at Yorba’s Launchpad PPA:

11 thoughts on “Shotwell 0.10.1 Released”

  1. What I’m really missing coming from F-Spot is the ability to upload to 23hq. Apart from that, Shotwell seems to be a good replacement.

      1. I’ve now done a bit work based on the Flickr plugin.
        I manage to login to 23hq and the uploader also seems to upload the images, but they vanish somewhere, i.e. they never arrive on the server. So, still some work to do to get this finished.

  2. I have mint, shotwell .7
    how do i update to .10
    My videos dont seem to be recognized by .7 , i thought they were
    if i update do i lose pics in the shotwell folder/
    Thanks for any help

  3. hmm something is wrong with the git tags, I see them on your online repo,
    but when cloning git:// the oldest available is shotwell-0.9.3

    thank you

    1. We didn’t start using Git until somewhat recently. It’s possible the tags didn’t get copied over from our old SVN repo properly.

  4. I love shotwell – only things I’d want it still to do are:
    Sync (not just export) with online albums in picasaweb.
    Play videos without leaving shotwell and include them in the slideshows.

    Any chance these could happen?

  5. Don’t know if this is the proper place to post a comment/question/issue for help, and apologize if it is, but ….

    Great product; replaces flaky canon photo print software; had to do some configuration to get the proper sizing to print 4 photos on a single page with an acceptable level of clarity.

    But the problem is that I can only print 12 photos (3 pages) when I set the format to 900 dpi and photo quality. Only 1 or 2 pages if set to 1200 dpi. The printer hangs with an “xref table error”. I know that it is the not the printer (in debug/diagnose mode, I can print a test page while the file is listed in the status as “stopped”.

    I am using an HP printer (5800) over a wireless network. I am on Ubuntu 11.04 with the latest version of Shotwell. Thanks

    1. Hi Steve,

      Is it possible your printer simply ran out of memory? Can you print 1200 dpi photos from other applications?

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