Shotwell and GNOME 3

Earlier today I created a new branch in the Shotwell git repository called “gtk3”.  This branch holds a version of Shotwell that builds successfully under GTK+/GDK 3.

Due to time and resource constraints, we don’t have plans to have a GNOME 3 version of Shotwell ready for its 0.11 release.  The gtk3 branch will be maintained and updated through the 0.11 cycle to keep it from straying too far from the trunk.  At some point (most likely during 0.12 development) we’ll merge it back into trunk.  At that point, Shotwell will be a GNOME 3 application.

Although Shotwell compiles and runs under GNOME 3, there are some notable outstanding bugs.  The ticket title is prefixed with [gtk3] to distinguish them from bugs that cross both versions.  The GTK+3-specific issues include: – Port to GTK+3 (this is the umbrella ticket for the complete task) – [gtk3] Histogram not drawn correctly – [gtk3] Horizontal scrollbar appears in checkerboard pages – [gtk3] No text in publish progress bar – [gtk3] Verify I18N – [gtk3] Search bar problems – [gtk3] Basic Information pane has no border

We encourage anyone who’s interested in the future of Shotwell under GNOME 3 to try out this git branch.  To download from our repository:

$ git clone git://
$ cd shotwell
$ git checkout gtk3
$ ./configure
$ make

You can run Shotwell from the build directory or “make install” to run from its installed location.

To reiterate, this branch is under active development and not slated for the 0.11 release.  In other words, use at your own risk.  It’s worth taking the time to back up your Shotwell database before use:

If you do find a bug or an issue, please let us know by reporting it to our Redmine server:

If the bug seems to be GTK+3-specific, please prefix the ticket title with [gtk3].  Thanks!

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  1. Funny a few minutes ago I opened the about window of shotwell and wondered when will it be ported to gtk+ and here I read this 🙂

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