Yorba at GUADEC, A Coruña

Five of the Yorba crew will be attending GUADEC in A Coruña this year: Adam, Eric, Lucas, Charles, and myself.  This is Charles’ first time to GUADEC, but the rest of us should be familiar faces to many GUADEC regulars out there.

Adam and I will be giving a keynote on Friday, July 27th titled “Crowdfunding GNOME Application Development”.  This is a topic we’ve been thinking a lot about lately and look forward to sharing some of our thoughts with all of you.

Yorba will also be hosting a BoF/workshop on Geary, our new email client for the GNOME desktop.  This is for anyone and everyone interested in Geary as well as the future of messaging on the GNOME desktop.  We’ll be discussing our vision and would love to hear yours as well.  The workshop will be on July 30th, 12:00 – 13:00 in Room 2.2a.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in A Coruña!

2 thoughts on “Yorba at GUADEC, A Coruña”

  1. See, enough with the talking about it. Kickstarter exists. Launch a Kickstarter for Geary and stop yakking.

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