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Yorba and crowdfunding at LWN.net

Nathan Willis at LWN.net has written a great article summarizing the keynote Adam Dingle and I gave at GUADEC, “Crowdfunding GNOME Application Development” (PDF slides are here).  For those of you who missed the talk, Nathan’s précis gives a nice overview of our presentation and the questions afterwards.  He also offers a concise explanation of today’s problems with funding open source development:

All open source software faces the same challenges when it comes to raising the money to keep developers at the keyboard. In recent years, Linux distributors have underwritten the development of desktop software through the sale of enterprise services and support contracts of various forms. Users have grown accustomed to that situation, and there is certainly nothing wrong with it, but Dingle and his colleagues at Yorba have shown that no one needs to accept that as the only viable funding model.

Read the whole thing here.

A Coruña in photos

Now that we’re all back in San Francisco and relatively de-jetlagged, we pooled together some of our photos from our trip to A Coruña and the surrounding area.

All in all it was a fun experience, although there were a few only-in-Spain hickups (For example, who knew you could get locked IN to a building?) but the ridiculously cheap alcohol more than made up for that.

A Coruña on My Mind

Ok, ok, yet another post-GUADEC wrap-up.  A few things worth sharing:

* The keynote Adam and I gave this year, “Crowdfunding GNOME Application Development”, went off great.  I would say “without a hitch” but of course there was a hitch thanks to the usual hardware juggling act of connector-A-won’t-fit-in-the-port-B.  After a quick switcheroo of computers and emailing the slides around, the keynote went on without trouble.  We appreciate everyone who attended and gave us the chance to voice our thinking on this topic.  The questions were great too.

People have asked for slides and video of the presentation.  Download the slides here.  As for video … I don’t know when that will be available, but I’ll post it here when it is.  William Ting gives a nice summary of our talk at his blog.

* Adam was interviewed about Yorba and funding open source development.  Check him out at World of Gnome talking about the history of Yorba, Vala, and more.

* One of the more exciting aspects of GUADEC was all the interest people expressed about Geary.  It seemed everyone I met had something positive to say about it or offered some thoughtful advice or suggestion about its direction.  There’s an old saw: “Three economists, four opinions.”  Well, three email users, four email workflows.  Everyone uses email differently.  I feel that’s the central challenge we face.

To everyone who is either running Geary or wants to try it: please don’t run Geary 0.1.  (I want to italicize and underline that sentence as well, but I’ll spare you.)  Although it’s only a few months old, so many improvements have been made since then, from features to performance to stability, no one should be using it.  Instead, please run from our git repository.  Or, if you’re on Ubuntu, try our Daily PPA.  I know some people find it sketchy to run from trunk — especially anything that touches your email — but trunk is far better than running 0.1.  I have high hopes for 0.2 (coming soon!) but there’s no reason to wait until then to see what Geary’s up to.

* Finally, I’d like to chime in and compliment the A Coruña organizers for putting on a great conference this year.  Everything flowed smoothly and without a bump (although I’m sure the organizers have plenty of behind-the-scenes horror stories).  I know one thing about A Coruña: I’ll never look at a lighthouse the same way again.

Yorba at GUADEC, A Coruña

Five of the Yorba crew will be attending GUADEC in A Coruña this year: Adam, Eric, Lucas, Charles, and myself.  This is Charles’ first time to GUADEC, but the rest of us should be familiar faces to many GUADEC regulars out there.

Adam and I will be giving a keynote on Friday, July 27th titled “Crowdfunding GNOME Application Development”.  This is a topic we’ve been thinking a lot about lately and look forward to sharing some of our thoughts with all of you.

Yorba will also be hosting a BoF/workshop on Geary, our new email client for the GNOME desktop.  This is for anyone and everyone interested in Geary as well as the future of messaging on the GNOME desktop.  We’ll be discussing our vision and would love to hear yours as well.  The workshop will be on July 30th, 12:00 – 13:00 in Room 2.2a.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in A Coruña!