Geary 0.2.1 released

We’re pleased to announce the release of Geary 0.2.1, Yorba’s lightweight email client.  Geary organizes your email by conversations rather than threads and offers full HTML composition, attachments, and more.  Geary is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and most IMAP servers.  It’s written in Vala and features a fully-asynchronous engine for sending and receiving email.

Features and improvements for this release include:

* Save attachments FileChooserDialog now displays network mounts
* Adds support for SMTP PLAIN authentication
* Installs Italian translation (overlooked in 0.2.0)
* Adds three new translations: Czech, Telugu, and Turkish
* Preferences dialog and .desktop file now translated
* Icon and desktop file cache updated after uninstall
* Various translation fixes, including translations not being displayed

The Geary 0.2.1 tarball is available for download.  See Yorba’s wiki for information on building, running, and contributing to Geary.  Report bugs and feature requests at Yorba’s Redmine server.  (You must create an account before adding or modifying tickets there.)

Ubuntu users can also find a version for Precise Pangolin (12.04) on Yorba’s PPA.  Adventurous users may also wish to subscribe to Yorba’s Daily PPA.

14 thoughts on “Geary 0.2.1 released”

      1. Yeah, it could be tricky because of security-related problems.
        However, there exists an high level library (GPGME, that can be used to interface MUA to GnuPG.
        I have zero experience with Vala, therefore I don’t know if I can help.
        Indeed, security related features are very important for developers (mostly OpenPGP standard) and business (mostly S/MIME).
        As far as I can understand GPGME could be used for both standards.

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