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Yorba and GNOME

GNOME ParkingIn October I briefly announced that Yorba was virtually moving — that we were in the process of transitioning from our self-hosted project server to GNOME’s infrastructure.  Well, the move is all but complete.  I’m pleased to announce that we’re now officially hosted inside the GNOME ecosphere: Bugzilla,, mailing lists, the works.  Here are links to our new pages:

First, let me clarify that the Yorba Foundation has not merged or become subsumed by the GNOME Foundation.  Financially and legally we’re still independent entities, albeit with a shared goal of spreading free software far and wide.

So, why’d we do it?

Yorba has always been a GNOME developer.  Our applications are GNOME-specific and we build them with GNOME technologies and libraries.  For almost five years now we’ve enjoyed a certain independence developing from outside the GNOME infrastructure, but we also were giving up a certain amount of integration that perhaps would’ve made our offerings that much better.  It’s a trade-off.  Recently we re-evaluated those trade-offs and decided that it made sense for Yorba to move into a tighter GNOME orbit.  As such, we look forward to working closer with the GNOME team on things like application design and the future direction of the free desktop.


Yorban Charles Lindsay did a great job moving a mountain of our data to, in particular our voluminous ticket database, which is approaching five years old.  Not only are all our tickets now imported into GNOME’s Bugzilla (even their attachments), the final entry in our legacy Redmine tickets include instructions on how to locate that ticket in GNOME Bugzilla.  He automated much of this with a Python script we’ve made available on github in case someone else out there needs to move their tickets (“issues” in Redmine parlance) from Redmine to Bugzilla.

I’d like to extend deep thanks to GNOME sysadmin whiz Andrea Veri for making the transition about as painless as I could imagine — no, even less.  Andrea guided us through this process with grace and steady vision.  I’d like to echo William Jon McCann’s call to “ensure Andrea Veri’s contract is renewed and stays on as the GNOME sysadmin”.  You have Yorba’s vote, av!

New version number scheme

In the past, Yorba used a standard sequential versioning scheme (0.1.0, 0.1.1, etc.)  To differentiate between stable releases and builds from source control, we appended a descriptor to the version number (0.1.1+trunk, 0.1.1+branch).  When we needed to issue pre-release tarballs to our partners, we used a different descriptor (0.1.1pr1, 0.1.1pr2).

Over the years we received a number of complaints about this, especially from package and repository maintainers (whose business, if you think about it, is very much about version numbers).  With our move to GNOME, it seemed like a good time to revisit our scheme.  The one numbering system we kept hearing was worth adopting was GNOME’s itself, where even numbers represent stable releases and odd numbers represent unstable releases.  (I believe GNOME adopted this from the Linux kernel; where they got it from, or if they invented it themselves, I don’t know.)  In addition, it was requested that we release unstable tarballs more often, to give distributors and packagers more time to prepare.

We decided to make the switch and have already adopted this with Geary.  We recently released an 0.5.0 unstable, and will follow up soon (probably after the holidays) with an 0.5.1, and so forth.  The next stable release of Geary will be 0.6.  Similar changes will be coming soon for Yorba’s other projects.

Translations / internationalization / localization

One goal we have is to move all our projects that require internationalization into GNOME’s system.  We’re not quite there yet; we need to do a little more work on our build systems in order to integrate fully.  I hope to get that wrapped up next month.  If you’re eager to offer translations for our projects, all I can ask is for your patience until we get this resolved.  (If you’re a GNOME internationalization whiz, we’d appreciate your help in finishing the work.)

Due to this expected move, I’ve closed our Transifex project repositories.  If you’ve made some translations recently, don’t worry, they’re not lost, I simply haven’t merged in the final snapshot of those strings.  I’ll do so after the holidays.


Even though we no longer use it, we’ve decided to keep our Redmine project management server up for historical reasons.  We’ve locked it down to prevent any changes.

With the server transition we also decided to clean house a bit.  Over the years Yorba has developed or adopted technologies that didn’t get off the ground.  Although Yorba is no longer maintaining them, we didn’t want them to simply disappear, as so we’ve moved them to our public github repo. The projects I’m speaking of are media (our early attempt at audio/video editors) and Valadate (a Vala-based unit testing framework).

Announcing Geary 0.4.3

geary-yorbaYorba has released Geary 0.4.3, an update of our IMAP email client.  This update features two fixes:

* Fix “squished” conversation list when used with certain themes
* Compile-time support for WebKitGTK 2.0

In particular, the first problem affects users of Mint 16 Cinnamon.  Those users should upgrade to Geary 0.4.3 to avoid this display problem.

The tarball for the Geary 0.4.3 is available at

Ubuntu users (including Mint) can install the upgrade at Yorba’s PPA.  Note that neither of the above problems should affect users of the recent 0.4 backport to Precise/Luna.

Geary 0.4.2 backport for Precise 12.04 / Luna now available

geary-yorbaLast month I announced Yorba was sponsoring a $500 bounty to backport Geary 0.4 to Precise Pangolin 12.04 and elementary’s Luna.  I’m pleased to announce two new developments toward that goal.

First, since then six forward-thinking people added another $100 to the bounty, making the total pot $600.  Thank you!  This was the part of the experiment I was most interested in.  Backporting Geary to 12.04 was a highly-requested task, and I wondered if the people who wanted it would be willing to contribute a little money toward that goal.  At least some people did think it worthwhile enough, and collectively they added 20% to Yorba’s initial offer.

Second, I’m pleased to announce that the goal has been reached.  Tom Beckmann put in a lot of hours and considerable blood, sweat, and tears to port Geary back to 12.04, but he did it and so he claims the bounty.  I’ve run his version of Geary on both Precise and elementary Luna and am quite impressed.  It uses our new symbolic icon layout, it’s integrated with Precise’s message indicator, and offers every feature in Geary 0.4, including full-text search and the stability improvements we added to 0.4.1.  Best of all, he packaged it up on a Launchpad PPA, meaning it’s a snap to install.

If you’re running Precise Pangolin 12.04 or elementary Luna and you’d like to upgrade your version of Geary, I recommend the following directions.  Open a terminal window and type the following:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tombeckmann/geary
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install geary

If you’re already running Geary 0.3.1, this new version will update your old database and you’ll be good to go.

A few notes about this release:

  • This is not an official Yorba release of Geary.  Please note the version number in the About box (Geary 0.4.2+backport).
  • Yorba will not be proactively fixing bugs or adding features to this backport.  If there’s sufficient interest in keeping the backport alive, we’re hoping the community will work together to maintain and update it.
  • If you encounter a bug with the backport, your best bet is to use the Geary mailing list to report it.  Please indicate in your email that you’re using the backport.  There’s no official bug tracking system for this backport at this time.

(One further note: due to some technical issues, the original page was moved here.  Other than the URL, all details have remained the same.)

Congratulations Tom, and thanks!

Announcing Shotwell 0.15.1

shotwellYorba has released Shotwell 0.15.1, an important update to our Shotwell Photo Manager.  This update includes these fixes:

* Install Tumblr plugin resources (Tumblr plugin failed to work without them)
* Fix crash when video thumbnails are being inspected and created

Yorba strongly recommends all users upgrade to this release.

The tarball for Shotwell 0.15.1 is available at  Ubuntu Quantal and Raring users can update by subscribing to Yorba’s PPA.  We hope that a version for Saucy will be available soon in Ubuntu’s repositories.

Geary 0.4.1 now available

Yorba is pleased to announce the release of Geary 0.4.1, the latest version of Yorba’s IMAP mail client.  We highly recommend all users upgrade to this version as it corrects a number of bugs.  Fixes and updates include:

  • Compile-time support for WebKitGTK 2.2
  • Fixes IMAP STARTTLS failure to connect bug
  • Works around LIST bug in IceWarp IMAP servers (crasher)
  • Solves crash when IMAP connect fails due to timeout
  • CamelCased MIME types now handled properly (prevents blank emails)
  • Adds missing RTL icons
  • New translations

Geary 0.4.1 can be downloaded from the Yorba web site.  See Yorba’s wiki for information on how to build and install.  Geary 0.4.1 is also available for Ubuntu users at Yorba’s PPA.