Where we stand

The vacation gave me a bit of time to bite the bullet and start working on pulling this out of gnumeric in earnest. Both kids got sick, and the resulting sleepless exhaustion limited development time, but at least the end
is in sight. The remaining elements are

  • Expand GOFont to include sttributes likes strike/underline/color
  • Finish the font selector widget to use the attributes
  • Pull down the date convention code (needed for value formatting)
  • Move the heart of the value formatter down
  • Move the format selector down
  • Get the last of the GOPlugin code in place
  • Move the plugin manager dialog down

That’s still lots of work but it should be possible within 1-2 weekends.

I had tidied up escher export a few weeks ago to enable chart export to xls. Jon Kare picked that up and has been working on image export, something people have been asking for for a long time. Sitting in my inbox was also some absolutely lovely work by Emmanuel to complete his work axis mapping (invert, log) for the 1.5d charts (col/bar/line/area). While he was at it he ripped out all the piecewise patching for libart antialiasing fuzziness, and consolidated it into the pixbuf renderer. The results look awesome.
Couple in Kasal’s recent gsf-janitor work to polish up the msole exporter and we’re looking good for a release. There are still a few win32 porting patches to merge in, but on the whole we should be able to release gnumeric with
gnomeoffice-1.2 in conjunction with gnome-2.8.