Monday Quiz

In this quiz I am looking for 3 persons who are or have been syndicated by Planet GNOME.

Question 1: What are their relationship with the below mentioned projects/technologies?

Question 2: Who are they?

Person A

  • Norton Commander
  • Microsoft COM
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Silverlight

Person B

  • Regedit
  • DCOP

Person C

  • Apple iTunes
  • Spice3
  • Microsoft Project
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10 Responses to Monday Quiz

  1. Alex says:

    Person A Sounds a lot like Miguel de Icaza)
    * Norton Commander – Gnu Midnight Commander was a Norton Commander clone that was the original filemanager for gnome, Miguel was the original author
    * Microsoft COM – COM was an inspiration for Bonobo
    * Microsoft .NET Framework – Miguel started Mono
    * Microsoft Excel – Miguel worked on the excellent Gnome Spreadsheet Gnumeric
    * Microsoft Outlook – Miguel’s Ximian created the Outlook clone Evolution
    * Microsoft Silverlight – Miguel started Moonlight

  2. John says:

    person a
    Miguel de Icaza

    Norton Commander
    midnight commander

    Microsoft COM

    Microsoft .NET Framework

    Microsoft Excel

    Microsoft Outlook

    Microsoft Silverlightght

  3. Nat Budin says:

    Person A has to be Miguel de Icaza, who has worked on projects cloning all of the listed technologies.

  4. Kjartan Maraas says:

    A. Who spearheaded free software equivalents of all the mentioned software?


    The rest I have to think about 🙂

  5. no one in particular says:

    Miguel de Izaca helped write mc, ORBit, Mono, Gnumeric, Evolution, and Moonlight?

  6. nona says:

    I suppose Person A is Miguel, and his relationship with those projects is that he made open source reimplementations of all of them?

    Person B might be Havoc?

  7. Alberto Ruiz says:

    Miguel de Icaza,
    some weird guy,
    and Anders Carlsson 😀

  8. johan says:

    Everybody: Yes, A is Miguel.
    Alberto: Bingo, C is Anders

    Okay, who’s B? I can give you another hint, he’s a swede and I have actually contributed to two of the projects.

  9. Søren says:

    I would have though that B was Anders.

    C sounds more like Richard Hult than Anders.

  10. johan says:

    Soeren is right (and I did mix up B and C!)

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