Simplified tabbing support in Gtk+

There has been a couple of posts recently on Planet GNOME mention the increase usage of tabs in applications. I decided to write up a quick patch for GTK+ which makes it even easier to add tab support. With the patch I applied you can just call a single method:

gtk_widget_set_use_tabs (widget, TRUE);

To get complete tab support in your application.

Emmanuele just reviewed it and it will soon be committed to SVN trunk of GTK+. I’m looking forward to applications migrating to this new simplified API!

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15 Responses to Simplified tabbing support in Gtk+

  1. makkara says:

    Better would be to commit a patch that removes all tab support.

  2. knipknap says:

    Yay, tabbed buttons!

  3. Nicolas says:

    I think there’s something wrong in hunk @@ -2512,6 +2530,9 @@ of gtk/gtkwidget.c: shouldn’t the call be gtk_widget_set_use_tabs (widget, g_value_get_boolean (value));
    ie widget instead of value as first parameter?


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  7. pvanhoof says:

    You are not adding widget back to parent if tabbed is true, I think you want something to put widget back in parent .

    I might be wrong, maybe it’s wanted behaviour ? 🙂

  8. pvanhoof says:

    s/to put widget back/to put the notebook/

  9. Andy Wingo says:

    This is hilarious, Johan van Swederson.

  10. Vadim P. says:

    Awesome fad. Bet KDE won’t have this!

  11. Jones Lee says:

    It’s good to have GTK+ Tab support. But then please, app developers, please do not abuse the use of Tabs.

  12. Mike says:

    Clearly we need to be adding tab support to Metacity (a la Fluxbox) so even poor, tab deficient applications can behave in a tabbed manner ;).

  13. aaa says:

    i’m with comment #12 ‘Mike’ on this one and i up the bidding by asking a tiling wm as a side dish to the tabbed wm

    now _that_ would be a trully spatial desktop

  14. johan says:

    Jonas: Don’t worry, all this tab hysteria is actually just a joke.

  15. PCMan says:

    This patch won’t work.
    1. You forgot to add the notebook to parent widget.
    2. What happens when you need the second notebook page?

    I think this is just a joke since this is not a working patch.

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