Generic CClosure marshaller using libffi

Marco: You can also use the libffi CClosure marshaller I wrote for PyGObject. If you use you don’t need to generate the marshal.list at all, it’ll figure out the signature and call the callback just by looking at the signals GValues.

I originally wrote it so that Edward could prototype playbin2 in gst-python and still being able to connect to signals created in python from GstElements written in C. I know that a couple of other projects are using that file by copying and pasting it while waiting for bug 401080 to be solved.

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  1. The problem with it is that I don’t want to add a dependency on an external library for just this, in particular considering that I’m not a maintainer so not the one that can choose.

    BTW, I really hope to get that in gobject as soon as possible 🙂

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