Learning m4

23. August 2006

Until today, I had heared about m4 only that it is one of the so many special Unix tools of which I will never now exactly how they work or at least not completly. Unfortunately gtkmm uses a lot of m4 to generate the C++ code from it’s .hg and .ccg input files and I had to change some things to allow building without Atk.

So I found out that m4 is not that damn complicated and could after some manual reading easily archive the things that I wanted. Anyway, I also changed some code in *.pm files without knowing what language they use in detail. Seems like a quite easy scripting language but would be cool if someone could tell me.

Gtkmm: –disable-api-atk

23. August 2006

The –disable-api-atk in gtkmm is much more difficult than I thought. I have to hack a lot on the code generation which means I first have to learn how all this works. I uses m4 and scripting and I have to find out in detail how to add #ifdefs to the signals that use ATK.

hidonmm again

16. August 2006

Renamed the hidonmm packages to the correct names as they were filed in the wrong folder of the repositry. I wonder if there is a way to delete the old ones.

Played around a bit with a “–disable-api-atk” option for gtkmm but did not succeed because some m4 macros obviously create code in a different scope meaning it is out of the #ifdefs.

Pesc|O made a nice patch to integrate ctags 5.6 in anjuta. It’s not yet finished but it looks promising. The guys from ctags event want to open up their development so I hope we can have a better integration and maybe a libctags soon.


15. August 2006

The C++ support for Maemo is moving forward. Today, I have uploaded the packages for libhildon-fmmm and libhildon-widgetsmm which should allow to write complete maemo applications in C++ in theory.

Libanjutamm is slowly on the way. I have wrapped most important things excluding the interfaces and written a sample plugin which does not yet load because I have to fight more with the GType system. Anyway, I hope to finish this sample soon and write a script to automaticly wrap the interfaces. Happy C++ coding ;-)

gtkmm on maemo
The gtkmm package for 386 should be up now and I am working on the armel package which should be finished soon. Next is the packaging of hildonmm which should hopefully not be too difficult.

Update: gtkmm packages for armel have been uploaded!

Debian, Anjuta, gtkmm

10. August 2006

Today, I built my first debian package. I still don’t fully understand how the whole mechanism works but at least I got good results by reusing the debian/ directory of an existing package as a starting point.

Naba made a great job and implemented a good auto-indent feature for anjuta, though the supported languages are only C, C++ and Java in the moment. Libanjuta is now a bit more wrapping friendly because I added “G_BEGIN_DECLS” and “G_END_DELCS” to all headers.

I am working on a libanjutamm. I follow the excellent instructions in the Gtkmm Documentation but I still have some problems. Anyway, I hope the nice guys at #c++ will be able to help me.

Today’s work!

9. August 2006


I set up a maemo environment on my ubuntu box today. It was quite easy as they provide a good documentation and an easy installation script. There are some things that do not work perfectly yet but I think they can be fixed.


Currently trying to set up glom put I have problems to connect to the database. Seems like libgda got installed without support for postgresql but I am not sure yet. Retrying with jhbuild now…


No volunteers for gnome-build, yet! Applied patch from G√ľnther Brammer (thanks!) to fix a parsing bug with “+=”.

Bug #343012

7. August 2006

For my new employer Openismus, which is the first time that I get paid for anything Gnome or open-source related, I tried to fix Bug 343012 today. The patch itself was quite simple but it was a bit difficult to find out. I had no other testcase as the provided because I am not really familiar with the gtkrc system. Please try this patch out and tell me if there are any side-effects.

Going to have my last exam for this month at 3 pm…