GUADEC is a tech conference and as such it can be a very lame place to hang out if you are not bound to sitting on your laptop 24/7. Some examples:

  • Horrible location:


  • People failing with simplest real-life tasks:

Drink more bear...

  • Beer was banned after the Istanbul boat party:

  • No Beach:
  • And finally still far too many unfixed bugs (waiting for you in the ocean):

Disclaimer: This posts employs irony – it has been checked with interested parties of all sex if this is funny and that was approved. If you disagree that’s ok – I don’t want to make everybody to agree with me. I especially don’t think this discriminated women in any way and I am actually glad to have seen so many female, male and other contributers during this GUADEC.

Following up to Frederico’s talk /session yesterday I created an initial wiki page to help people that want to use parts of the GNOME stack in their project to do the right thing (e.g. not fork!). I am not sure about the title yet but that was the best I could think of.

The content is still very basic – just saying what I hope we as project want and how we want to handle contributions. Feel free to change / extend / kill that page. We were even talking about a GNOME goal yesterday but somehow I think that doesn’t really fit.

Possible things we could add:

  • Examples of GNOME software used elsewhere
  • Best pratices when trying to do so
  • etc.



22. July 2012

But I have one question: What’s the best way to travel from Santiago de compostela’s airport to A Coruna? Help appreciated…there only seems to be one bus / day that I cannot catch because of flight times.

What else am I doing and why didn’t you hear much of me:

  • I am working full-time building trains since a while
  • I feel that life is so much more important than writing code far more often than in the past which makes me hanging around in parks much more often in sunny weather with great people
  • Apart from that, I am still fixing bugs in Anjuta and maintain the whole thing. Other people work much more on this so, S├ębastien is fixing a lot of gdl issues and of course of GSoC-Student Moritz does a great job with refactoring and integrating clang.
  • If time permits I am adding a bit more FinTS-Support to GnuCash, esspecially international transfers (mostly ready) and standing orders (planned) because I need it for banking