GUADEC is a tech conference and as such it can be a very lame place to hang out if you are not bound to sitting on your laptop 24/7. Some examples:

  • Horrible location:


  • People failing with simplest real-life tasks:

Drink more bear...

  • Beer was banned after the Istanbul boat party:

  • No Beach:
  • And finally still far too many unfixed bugs (waiting for you in the ocean):

Disclaimer: This posts employs irony – it has been checked with interested parties of all sex if this is funny and that was approved. If you disagree that’s ok – I don’t want to make everybody to agree with me. I especially don’t think this discriminated women in any way and I am actually glad to have seen so many female, male and other contributers during this GUADEC.

16 Responses to “GUADEC – a tech conference”

  1. Mattias Bengtsson Says:

    Oh come on. 🙁

  2. Flimm Says:

    I realise this post employs comic irony, but I don’t get the last joke.

    Even if I did, I doubt it was necessary to promimently display a woman’s chest while cutting her face from the picture, especially considering this is the only photo of a woman in the entire post.

    (I presume she is a woman, please forgive if I am wrong in this.)

    Please fix the last picture to more clearly communicate that we value women at tech conferences as fellow contributors, not as entertainment.

    • jhs Says:

      Yep, it employs irony – if you don’t get a joke that’s no problem. And if in doubt – I got permission for the last joke by the people (not the unidentified bug) involved and she thinks it’s funny so I hope it’s ok for everybody.

      • Flimm Says:

        I’m glad to see that you’ve removed the last picture. I’m not happy to see the non-apology at the end, though. And I would think that it goes without saying that you obtained the permission of the woman in question before publishing this photo of her.

        If anything about my objections confuse you, I’m happy to explain them over email if you prefer.

        • Flimm Says:

          I’m happy to see you’ve since removed the non-apology.

          Now that the air has cleared, I’ve got to say that GUADEC looks like fun, and I hope I go to one some day (I’ve got to start contributing first!). It’s good to see GNOME contributors have a sense of fun and aren’t stuck to their laptops the entire time 🙂

  3. calvaris Says:

    Amazing pictures, but didn’t we have a code of conduct?

  4. _luara_ Says:

    Oh, so Johannes is not the person in the last picture, nor the bug? }:-)

  5. calvaris Says:

    I really thank you for removing the picture. Please, do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that you had a bad intention and even that you still have it (referring to the comment replacing the picture).

    I really think that sexism has changed the strategy and made people think that showing the bodies is sexual liberation, but I really think it is even more slavery as women are used because of their body, regardless their intelligence. I repeat, I do not think that you have/had that intention.

    • calvaris Says:

      But we can have a talk outside. I ‘invite you’ to a fair trade juice and can have a quiet talk about that 🙂

  6. Thanks for removing the picture! I didn’t think it was appropriate for the Planet either.

  7. Thanks for removing the picture! I didn’t think it was appropriate for the Planet either. While it’s good that it was a picture of an actual attendee who gave you a permission to post it, it is a provocative image and doesn’t work well with creating a culture where women are included as peers. In particular, the whole post reminded of the Sqoot API Jam advertisement, which promised that friendly female event stuff will bring coders beer.

  8. behdad Says:

    Haha. Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh, and enjoy GUADEC.

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