GUADEC is a tech conference and as such it can be a very lame place to hang out if you are not bound to sitting on your laptop 24/7. Some examples:

  • Horrible location:


  • People failing with simplest real-life tasks:

Drink more bear...

  • Beer was banned after the Istanbul boat party:

  • No Beach:
  • And finally still far too many unfixed bugs (waiting for you in the ocean):

Disclaimer: This posts employs irony – it has been checked with interested parties of all sex if this is funny and that was approved. If you disagree that’s ok – I don’t want to make everybody to agree with me. I especially don’t think this discriminated women in any way and I am actually glad to have seen so many female, male and other contributers during this GUADEC.

Save the icons

7. August 2010

Stop Vincent from removing these important icons from gnome-desktop module:

Be honest, can a desktop live without these?