22. July 2012

But I have one question: What’s the best way to travel from Santiago de compostela’s airport to A Coruna? Help appreciated…there only seems to be one bus / day that I cannot catch because of flight times.

What else am I doing and why didn’t you hear much of me:

  • I am working full-time building trains since a while
  • I feel that life is so much more important than writing code far more often than in the past which makes me hanging around in parks much more often in sunny weather with great people
  • Apart from that, I am still fixing bugs in Anjuta and maintain the whole thing. Other people work much more on this so, Sébastien is fixing a lot of gdl issues and of course of GSoC-Student Moritz does a great job with refactoring and integrating clang.
  • If time permits I am adding a bit more FinTS-Support to GnuCash, esspecially international transfers (mostly ready) and standing orders (planned) because I need it for banking


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  1. Anna Says:

    have you seen this?

    I will also arrive to Santiago. I will catch (hopefully) the shuttle bus to the train station and then the train:

  2. txenoo Says:

    The cheapest option would be:
    – Take he airport bus to Santiago and stop at Train Station (RENFE). There are buses every half an hour from 06:45 to 0:45 and the cost is 3€. If you are taking the bus later than 22:15 the only possible way would be taking a taxi (aprox 80€ 45-50km) or probably just hiring a car at the airport.
    – At renfe train station take the next train to A Coruña, last train departure is at 23:00 arriving to Coruña at 23:40, with a cost from 5,65€ to 6,75€ depending on the train.
    – At Coruña if you arrive to the Train Station and you are going to Rialta, the easiest way would be taking a Taxi, or check the availability of Rialta Bus at guadec website (accomodation section), the line 24.

  3. Claudio Says:

    I think you can use a bus from the airport to Santiago and from there the train to A Coruña. It’s not optimal but the train is fairly quick and runs pretty frequently.

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