I’m GNOME 3 as well!

Big and greats days for many of us. GNOME 3 is finnaly out!

Try it!

I’m proud of being part of a great community of people who is able to accomplish such a big amount of work and have this great libre desktop ready to go.


I’m just a user, fan, I used to do some translations and I do collaborate now with some bugs and patches to a few projects, nothing like a lot of good friends here who, for me, are real heros. It’s amazing the work some people is able to do. Hat off to them!

As a proof of that work you can see the weekly commit digest and see how more than 200 hackers make more than 2000 commits (sometimes even more than 3000) per week to get ready this awesome project.

I know there are some fears from people using GNOME 2, but a lot of those fears are just myths, so people like me that work at downstream distributions for specific set of users and big deployment can be relaxed.

GNOME a11y

I just want to save some words of this humble post to some people I’ve been working with sometimes. People I know that have been working really, really hard to make this new GNOME 3 world more accessible to everyone, the GNOME a11y Team. They had too much things against them, but they are really hard workers.

Special kudos for two big friends and a11y hackers: Joanmarie and Ale

3 thoughts on “I’m GNOME 3 as well!”

  1. Thank you for your kind words, Juanje.

    The team really did try incredibly hard and invested countless hours to pull off everything we needed to. Alas, time and resources are not always what we would like them to be. šŸ™ BUT, we’re looking towards compelling access for GNOME 3.2.

  2. Yes, you tried really hard, but sometimes trying is not enough, and kicking all desktop user’s prolonged back by offering a GUI that is turning the desktop into a huge smartphone is a slap in the face of evey desktop system’s user. Switched to XFCE, gnome is dead for me with V3….

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