Guadalinex upadates

As I said on my last post, now I’m working on Guadalinex v6, but in this new version we won’t try to develop a lot of new things as in earlier versions, we have less time and different goals as well.

Our main goals are:

  • Release as close to Jaunty as we could
  • Have the same features already implemented for Guadalinex working fine (updated to Jaunty)
  • Have a really, really stable version
  • Have all the desktop, applications and documentation well translated into Spanish

There is also a implicit goal about trying to push our improvementsĀ  to the international free software community. We do have Spanish community, but no much people outside Hispanic community knows well some interesting and useful projects we have.

I have to thanks to the people from Ubuntu who is helping us with Launchpad and all the Ubuntu procedures so we can move a bit to the Ubuntu world. People like Daniel Holbach and others really care about us and the possibility of collaboration.

Now we have a distro registered in Launchpad:

Some projects registered in Launchpad with the old source code imported from the earlier version:

And also a PPA (Launchpad’s Personal Package Archives) where upload packages built for Guadalinex (ergo Jaunty) so people can use our projects in Ubuntu Jaunty. By now there is just a couple of packages recently upgrades to Janty and with some fixes:

Our intention is get our distro ready for our schedule and start to put software we think is useful or needed for our users into next Ubuntu versions. We are just making the foundations.

But there is a lot of interesting and useful software already in Ubuntu or other upstream projects with some internationalization problems, so we must take care of them. We are reviewing the applications and mostly the installer or live system to be sure there is no non translatable parts.

Currently we are working on the Ubuntu live system (casper) to bring some i18n support on some messages the user see and probably doesn’t understand.

In the other hand our projects were made by Spanish developers for Spanish people and they haven’t much i18n support. And we are also working on that.

And for all those Spanish speakers who find hard to search and read documentation in English we are trying to set up a developer documentation wiki in Spanish for all the people who like to collaborate with Guadalinex. This is easier step for a lot of non-English speakers to get involved in any kind of free software community. And with that knowledge they can just collaborate with Guadalinex (but this makes them collaborate indirectly with upstreams projects…) or Ubuntu, Gnome or any project.

At least, I hope so…

Something similar helps me years ago… šŸ™‚
Anyone who want help us or is interested on the project can contact with me or with the rest of the team here, in the irc (channels: , -devel or #guadabuntu) or , if you can read/write Spanish, at the Spanish mail list.

Thanks for reading so boring history I should turn off the verbose mode šŸ˜›

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