Dancing to the Rhythm of the War Drums

We are particularly proud of all the hacking and smoke-testing that has been going on during the GNOME 2.19.3 and .4 ((Which, coincidentally, still has not been released due to one particular severe issue, spotted by the GARNOMEies. Bug 449318, immediately worked around by the GARNOME Team, so we could roll 2.19.4 in time.)) releases ((Yes, Luis, I too love footnotes.)). New tarballs have been built and tested by various GARNOMEies almost in real time, as fast as they have been uploaded and as fast as we could update SVN.

Once again, this early testing revealed a number of serious issues with some of the GNOME applications. A bunch of bug reports where filed, resulting in new, fixed tarballs being rolled as quickly as possible — before the official release deadline. Of course, thanks to the developers too, who have been highly responsive.

Our contribution to make even unstable development releases a somewhat sane place to live. Thank you, #garnome!