bugs.maemo.org Custom Features

Some of the stuff I have been hacking on in the background recently finally has been rolled and pushed on bugs.maemo.org — now that the infrastructure issues have been resolved. Thanks, Ferenc.

Besides some nicening up (A bunch of delimiting dashes with HTML and CSS? Yeah, right…), the reporter and some roles are now clearly stated for every comment. No more scrolling and jumping through the page, just to find out if the commenter is the original reporter. No more mouse twiddling, to see if a commenter is a Nokia employee. You now have that invaluable information right at your fingertips.

Yes, I’ve been spoiled by GNOME bugzilla. Probably the best bugzilla out there. There are a lot of features that just make a triagers life much easier. Supporting the workflow rather than being interruptive. And now we got the first set of bugzilla enhancements for maemo.org.

Hope you will enjoy these first custom features. Got some more tweaks like this and larger features on my list, and started working on that already…

2 thoughts on “bugs.maemo.org Custom Features”

  1. Its nice to see some work being done on bugs.maemo.org but it seriously needs a whole lot more. There also needs a big push on bug triaging to tidy up the mess that has accumulated over time.

  2. True, and it is on our list. We plan to come up with a Triage Guide, and then push Community triaging. This should be much more efficient than us (and a very few brave community members) triaging only, as it is now.

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